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Collision Avoidance System

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Published: July 00Project Number: C7012

Get ReportAuthor: Rusty Mark, Patrick Glynn, D Verhoef, D McCabe | CSIRO Exploration & Mining, Advanced Mining Technologies

The Objective of this project was to develop and demonstrate a collision prevention system prototype that improves safety and eliminates the noise problems caused by the current heavy vehicle reversing alarm system.

A prototype system was developed and demonstrated to achieve the following performance criteria:

  • Warning to the driver of the Heavy Vehicle when a vehicle or person is in the Heavy Vehicle's path
  • Warning to the "at risk" person / equipment in the case of an imminent collision
  • Redundant systems for improved reliability
  • Default to existing warning system that notifies the driver of the Heavy Vehicle if the system is not working and automatically activates the traditional back-up beeper
  • Rugged construction for reliability in mining environments
  • Reliable operation in adverse environmental conditions
  • Approved by regulators
  • No audible noise beyond the lease boundaries

The Collision Avoidance System (CAS) uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to detect objects as they come within range of each other and a high definition video system to increase driver vision.

The prototype Collision Avoidance System has been installed at the Bengalla Mining Company Pty Limited in the Hunter Valley and is operating according to specifications.


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