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Stage Two Report: 11 KV Cable Coupler Systems and Stage One Report: 3.3kV 425 Amp Coupler System

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Published: March 18Project Number: C20030

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STAGE 2 REPORT - 11 KV Cable Coupler Systems

There has been insufficient product innovation over the last 25 years to improve mining cable connectors in order to reduce the incidence of cable arcing incidents. These incidents have the capacity to ignite coal dust or flammable gases, which could result in explosion, leading to serious personal injury or catastrophic loss of life. In addition, due to the expansion of the mining industry over this period, there is a changing risk profile in the field. This requires the industry to look further to improve incident control measures.

Connec, have designed, constructed and certified a series of cable plugs and receptacles which use technological advancements to overcome some of the inherent limitations in current designs in operation. This has included a Type B 3.3 kV restrained coupler system as well as a 11kV bolted coupler system.

Connec's Type B 11 kV Bolted Coupler System (BCS) continued the technical evolution initiated with the ANZEx/IECEx certified Type B 3.3 kV Restrained Coupler System (RCS). The BCS has added further technical and OHS improvements utilising the same modern moulding techniques and methodologies utilised on the RCS polymer products.

Prototyping and subsequent testing of Connec's coupler systems provided validation of the design, enabling product trials to commence as well as realising production units for submission to the test station for certification. Industry engagement was sought throughout the entire design process to ensure the product built was fit for purpose. Product trials ensured the design was proven in the field prior to full production thus eliminating any in‐service issues that may arise through the introduction of the new connector system.

The BCS completed testing and certification at SIMTARs for compliance to the following Standards in December 2017:






STAGE 1 REPORT (June 2015) - 3.3kV 425 AMP Coupler System


Global growth and infrastructure development depends heavily on mined natural resources such as minerals, metal ores, and coal. Demand for Australia's commodities has led to more mines and an increased consumption of electrical energy associated with the mining extraction processes. The increased demand has led to the effect of increasing the size, power rating and complexity of a typical mine's electrical system through larger more efficient mining machines, larger cables and reticulation networks working continuously in demanding conditions. The consequence of a changing market has led to a changing mining risk profile and the potential opportunity to look for innovative ways to adapt to these changes and improve mine safety.

The need for innovation in the area of power cables and their interconnection has led to the development of the Connec coupler system.

Connec has designed, manufactured, tested and installed a 3.3kV 425 Amp coupler system. Connec's intention was to remove the reliance on metallic components and have polymer components fulfilling structural requirements of the design wherever possible. The Coupler system has been designed to incorporate the technical improvements originally conceptualized at the inception of this project which have produced reduced cost, increased efficiency, reduced the chance of injury, and potentially save lives:

  • Injury Prevention - reduced, weight, size and heat.
  • Efficiency -reduced time for installation and fit out.
  • Safety & Performance - reduced explosive risk
  • Cost - increased application

The coupler system is subject to certification by Simtars Australia for compliance to the following Standards:







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